About Overhold organization

Our story

We needed a modular cryptocurrency wallet to integrate with our decentralized exchange. Due to a lack of opensource solutions that fulfill our criteria, we built our own. Our goal is to have a wallet solution that’s convenient, while still allowing users to retain full control of their assets. Security is our top priority, and we believe security is best achieved through transparency. For that reason, we have opensourced our wallet to allow for independent verification and auditing.

Our goals

Our goal for the wallet is to build a convenient, modular system so that any developer can integrate new cryptocurrencies into the wallet. The wallet is flexible, users can choose to use clusters provided by us or run their own full or light node later on to support their respective asset’s network. When our decentralized exchange is fully developed we will provide seamless integration with it in the Overhold wallet.

Working at Overhold

It’s exciting to work on something we really believe in, so we’re looking looking for people with similar mindsets to ours. Our goal is to build decentralized products for Bitcoin and other crypto-assets that can be easily used by anyone, anywhere.

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Bitcoin is changing how the world uses money. We follow
cryptocurrency principles in our work and prioritize
the development of secure products that can reach the
hands of every user while making sure everything we
produce stays opensource.

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